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                Bilal Sabri: Chinese couples set to celebrate Qixi Festival

                Hainan International Media Center (HIMC) aims to communicate with the world and promote Hainan by telling the story of Hainan and conveying the voice of Hainan to the world. At the same time, it also invites overseas columnists to tell their stories under unique perspectives. The special column of these overseas articles has officially launched. There will be more articles on the way, stay tuned!


                Qixi is called Chinese Valentine’s Day

                BEIJING, China – Today when I stepped out of my house, I was taken aback to see people selling and purchasing red roses and red balloons everywhere on the street.

                The curiosity added further when I saw the same scenes everywhere. Upon asking what’s happening, being a foreigner I was told that the Chinese ‘love birds’ living in across China or elsewhere observe ‘Qixi Festival’ every seventh night of the seventh lunar month to express love to their respective mate by exchanging candies, flowers and gifts to express mutual love.

                With only a day left for August 7 which is also called ‘Double Seventh’, Qixi is called the Chinese Valentine’s Day. On the eve of Qixi, the prices of flowers especially red roses and red balloons have surged due to increased demand among people especially youngsters.

                Red flowers are considered as an integral part of this celebration and everyone wants to have the best combination of roses for presenting a gift to their friends and loved ones.

                Majority of the flower stalls in popular areas of capital like Sanliton, Wudaokou are embellished with red roses, beautifully designed bouquets and variety of flowers combinations which has added colour and charm to the markets.

                Talking to Diplomag, Zhang Rou, a flower seller said that shopkeepers this is only a business day for them. During routine days, the flower bouquets which are available from RMB 50 to RMB 200 are now selling between RMB 100 to RMB 500 which is a real blessing for us.

                Most of the buyers do not hesitate to pay high rates for buying such things and avoid arguments as it is not a basic necessity but luxury.

                “Those who can afford, they purchase it on any price,” she said.

                Fangning Tian, a young girl said that Valentine’s Day in Chinese” Qixi” derives from a fairy tale in ancient times. ” It’s about the love story between Cowherd and Weaver girl, who was separated by the Milky Way and can only reunite with each other in Double Seventh Day. In modern times, many young Chinese usually celebrate the Day as a symbol of expressing love to each other. As it is only fun celebration, the youth just want to celebrate the festivity to cheer up a bit.

                She said flowers are popular among young lovers to express their love. Many vendors may take this opportunity to make a profit.

                “The increased prices of flowers and other related gift items before the day, saying that sellers use  unfairly increase prices of the items which are in demand these days,” She mentioned.

                Mostly, students are buyers of these items and they do not have enough money to spend but business minded people use different tactics to take money from our pockets, she concluded.

                Talking to DiploMag, Zhai Xiaoyuan, a teacher by profession, said tomorrow is Chinese Valentine’s Day, the festival that celebrates romantic love. It has also become one of the biggest gifting days in China. Lovers gift each other, as do new-age spouses and partners.

                Responsible editor: 劉娉
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