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                Hainan's inbound tourism market witnessed steady growth

                The inbound tourism of Hainan achieved rapid growth in the first half of this year with the facilitation of visa policy, dense flights, diverse tourism products and  creative tourism promotion. 
                The steady growth of Hainan's inbound tourism market will further enhance the level of internationalization and boost the construction of Hainan international tourism center.

                The convenience of transportation is the critical condition for overseas tourists to enter Hainan. On February 1, the air route between Sanya and Bangkok was opened. On February 28, the direct air route between Haikou and Osaka was opened. In the first half of this 2019, Hainan has actively opened overseas air routes to form an network covering surrounding countries such as Japan, Korea, Russia and the Southeast Asian countries, and even the faraway countries such as British and Australia. 

                What is more exciting for many travel practitioners is that in early July this year, based on the current visa-free policy for 59 countries, Hainan further pushed forward the opening-up, and released 12 new measures on immigration, exit and entry, and traffic management, which accelerate the development of inbound tourism.

                Responsible editor: 劉娉
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